Our Management Team


     Island Hills Chorus thrives because of the energy and style of our director and the women who have stepped up to lead. Come share the camaraderie and fulfillment of leading Island Hills Chorus to greater heights. Meet our team. 


Director - Tom Brucia

tom     Tom Brucia is responsible for Island Hills Chorus' music program - a large responsibility that includes the musical education of the chorus and the selection of the music that the chorus performs. Tom is also the head of the chorus Music Team (chorus members who are chosen to represent their vocal sections) who work with the Director to help focus, direct, and support Island Hills' musical product. The Director is also involved with the administration of the chorus and is an integral part of the Management Team (listed below).  Tom's goal is to help each member reach a new level of joy and expression through barbershop music and for each member to achieve her personal best. 


Team Coordinators -  Julie DeBragga & Pat Field     

     Island Hills Chorus' Team Coordinators Julie and Pat are General Managers of the Team, responsible for short- and long-term planning for the chorus. They act as  facilitators, communicating with the Management and Music Teams, chorus members, Sweet Adeline International and Regional offices, and participates in educational seminars, courses, and Webinars that will help Island Hills Chorus grow.  Bottom Line: The TC does whatever is necessary to help us all move forward with harmony and enthusiasm, performing with excitement every step of the way!


Communications Coordinator 

     Communications is 'Information Central' for Island Hills Chorus! She is responsible for ensuring that the chorus members are provided with any and all information necessary in order to perform to their personal best!  Our Communications Coordinator is responsible for Team minutes, SAI and Regional correspondence, membership mail and Internet information, as well as input for Region 15 newsletter, Taglines. Communications keeps us on target and focused!


Finance Coordinator -  Debbie Rode

     Helping the chorus to stay financially healthy is the job of the Finance Coordinator.  Debbie strives to ensure that Island Hills has the necessary funds to keep the chorus rolling. Their financial diligence is what allows us to pay for rent, risers, coaches, directors, our website, and our annual show venues. Finance is responsible for dues, payment of bills, and the all-important fundraising!


Marketing/Public Relations Coordinator 

The main responsibility of the Marketing/PR Coordinator is to promote and publicize Island Hills Chorus!  In this age of digital as well as print, Marketing has a double job - and She works hard to coordinate and inform the public on our chorus' performances and activities.  Marketing is involved directly in helping to develop community awareness about Island Hills Chorus, specifically, and about women's barbershop, in general.  She also is involved in writing grants for the chorus and in the constant photography and videography that goes along with being a performance group!


Membership Coordinator 

Island Hills' Membership Coordinator is the front line for the chorus' membership development.  Membership is involved  in outreach, new member registration and orientation, member retention, and just simply keeping everyone informed and active in the chorus organization.  Membership for Island Hills is a key role: in the past two years we have welcomed 15 new members to our ranks, which means 15 people learning names, learning music, learning songs, and learning about Island Hills! 


Events Coordinator - Diane Cloud

The Events Coordinator makes sure that Island Hills has a home - summer, winter, spring, and fall - and that we are out there singing, singing, singing!  She is constantly hard at work - so many questions: are the risers up, do we have microphones, is the performance advertised, do we need posters, will everyone arrive on time and in the right costume! - these are just a few of things our Events Guru is concerned with! Events makes it all happen!


Performance Coordinator 

Our Performance Coordinator is the go-to person for anything performance or competition related.  She is Island Hills' show coordinator, ensuring that our annual fundraiser extravaganza happens on-stage and on-time! She is responsible for keeping the chorus informed on vocal performance qualifications, for the visual product that we offer, including costumes and choreography, and she is the person who gets us to the stage at Region 15 Competition all in one piece!


Chapter Activities Coordinator

Chapter Activities Coordinator is the person who organizes and plans the yearly inter-chapter events, social activities, and yearly retreats that our chorus members look forward to!  She is responsible for events that help Island Hills members, as well as those of other choruses who visit, to get to know one another socially as well as musically - all an important part of chorus bonding!


Music Team

Tenor Section Leaders       

          Sue Pedersen, Cyndy Gorman

Lead Section Leaders

          Linda Costello, Judi Ancewicz, Pat MacDonald


Baritone Section Leaders

        Barbara Festa, Madeline Nelson

Bass Section Leaders

         Toby Selda







September 24, 2020

Meet the Chorus


  • Want to sing with a bunch of fabulous women? Want to learn amazing, classic songs and exciting new ones? Visit the Join Us section to find out how you can be a part of this wonderful group.




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